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Attorney Fees You Can Afford

We charge flat fees for Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies.  This allows you to know in advance what the case will cost.  And because no two bankruptcy cases are exactly alike, we base our fee on the work involved and not some predetermined, fixed amount.  Some cases are simpler than others and we want to be fair by basing our fee only on time we actually expect to spend on your case.

We will happily meet with you at no cost and go over your entire financial situation to see whether bankruptcy is right for you—and if we think bankruptcy doesn’t make sense, we will say so.  We aren’t pushy and we realize that bankruptcy isn’t for everyone.  If it does make sense for you,  we will  assess the issues involved in your case and quote you a fee that is tailored to your particular situation.   This ensures that our fee is fair, reasonable and actually based on the time we expect to spend on your case.

Please call (614.223.1444) or e-mail to us to schedule a free consultation so that we may review your particular financial circumstance and determine the best course of action for you and your family.