Three Rider

A Client Centered Approach

All lawyers work to serve the needs of their clients.  Some do it better than others. We are guided by the following principles:

Understanding:  We believe effective advocacy starts with understanding your needs and wishes.  Not everyone has the same objectives in a case and a variety of different circumstances bring clients to our office. We are thus committed to respecting your objectives in the case.  We won’t stray from following the case through as you deem fit.

Legal proceedings are oftentimes intimidating, foreign and confusing.   If you are to make important decisions about the direction of your case, we think you ought to be informed first.   We will take as much time as is necessary to familiarize you with the underlying legal issues so that you feel comfortable about the decisions you make.

Preparation:  We believe a lawyer isn’t an effective advocate unless he familiarize himself with the applicable law, the facts of his case, and the needs and wishes of his clients.   Though this may sound simple enough, lawyers too often compromise these core principles due to the press of business.  Worse yet are those who never took to them at all.

Of course, keeping up on legal precedent isn’t easy in a demanding and fast paced law practice and toiling through a legal brief until midnight might not sound very appealing either.   But preparation and dedication are as important as persuasive writing and dynamic oratory.

Accessibility:  Numerous studies have confirmed that the single biggest complaint about lawyers is that they don’t return phone calls and e-mails.   Busy as the practice of law may be, returning client e-mails and phone calls are as essential as keeping up on case deadlines.   Doing anything less compromises a lawyer’s ability to be in sync with his client’s needs and concerns.   We thus commit to return phone calls and e-mails within twenty-four hours.  In most instances, we will return them much sooner.   If we are busy, we will take a moment to let you know  we are tied up and that a response is forthcoming.  A valued client deserves no less.

You can read more about our guiding Principles & Values here