Valuable Precedent May Make Student Loans Easier to Discharge in Bankruptcy

An article in U.S. News & World Report explains the value of a recent decision by the 9th Circuit United States Court of Appeals, which involved a law school graduate’s ten year battle  to discharge his law school student loans after having failed to pass the bar exam three times.  Years later and saddled with a moderate income, a wife and a child, Michael Hedlund argued that his student loans payments were excessive and constituted an “undue hardship.”

What’s remarkable is that the 9th Circuit agreed,  while allowing him to have a reasonable car expense, two cell phones, cable and children’s haircut expenditures.  These expenses are seemingly ordinary in nature but Courts had before been more conservative about a debtor’s obligation to “belt tighten.”

Hedlund’s case isn’t entirely groundbreaking but it is a valuable precedent that paves the way for future challenges to the dischargeability of student loan debt.

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