Our Principles & Values

Abraham Lincoln believed that “the leading rule for the lawyer… is diligence.”   He knew that the press of business is oftentimes the culprit of substandard legal work.   To this end, he warned us to “leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.”  

We heed President Lincoln’s advice and commit to represent you as we should want to be represented.  In addition to Lincoln’s standard of diligence, we offer you our unbridled loyalty, confidentiality, competence and best professional judgment.   Only then can we be worthy of your trust.

We specifically commit to:

  • Achieve your objectives as expeditiously and economically as possible;
  • Charge a reasonable fee and explain in advance how that fee will be computed and billed;
  • Counsel you on alternative dispute resolution methods;
  • Respect your decisions about the objectives to be pursued in your case, including whether or not to settle your case;
  • Keep you informed of all material developments in your case;
  • Be accessible and responsive; and
  • Return your calls and e-mails promptly.