Lawyer's Creed    

To my clients, I offer loyalty, confidentiality, competence, diligence, and my best judgment.  I shall represent you as I should want to be represented and be worthy of your trust.  I shall counsel you with respect to alternative methods to resolve disputes.  I shall endeavor to achieve your lawful objectives as expeditiously and economically as possible.

To the opposing parties and their counsel, I offer fairness, integrity, and civility. I shall not knowingly make misleading or untrue statements of fact or law. I shall endeavor to consult with and cooperate with you in scheduling meetings, depositions, and hearings.  I shall avoid excessive and abusive discovery.  I shall attempt to resolve differences and, if we fail, I shall strive to make our dispute a dignified one.

To the courts and other tribunals, and to those who assist them, I offer respect, candor, and courtesy.  Where consistent with my client’s interests, I shall communicate with opposing counsel in an effort to avoid or resolve litigation.  I shall attempt to agree with other counsel on a voluntary exchange of information and on a plan for discovery.  I shall do honor to the search for justice.

To my colleagues in the practice of law, I offer concern for your reputation and well-being.  I shall extend to you the same courtesy, respect, candor, and dignity that I expect to be extended to me.

To the profession, I offer assistance in keeping it a calling in the spirit of public service, and in promoting its understanding and an appreciation for it by the public.  I recognize that my actions and demeanor reflect upon our system of justice and our profession, and I shall conduct myself accordingly.

To the public and our system of justice, I offer service.  I shall devote some of my time and skills to community, governmental and other activities that promote the common good.  I shall strive to improve the law and our legal system and to make the law and our legal system available to all.

Issued by The Supreme Court of Ohio on February 3, 1997.